And so it begins....

Wow!  I can hardly believe that we are at this stage because it's taken so long, but it was worth it.  IZRI MEDIA PRODUCTIONS will step out in a big way and try to accomplish what my wife and I set out to do when the prayer filled, God-inspired ideas started over 10 years ago.  

  • Create family friendly, Christian, mixed genre music that specifically mentions CHRIST's name and does as much teaching as it does hopefully entertaining.

  • To make certain that each album benefited a worthy cause as well as sustained the business.

  • Have enormous fun while doing it and bless Christians all over the world.

Our belief is that every Christian dollar, peso, or Yen has purpose, whether it's paying a bill, getting your daughter an ice creme cone on a summer day, or tithing in the giving basket.  We work with product distributors that provide you a quality experience, and we respect the fact that you should be pleased with where your money went.

Soon it became clear, that there were other wholesome things we desired to create like family friendly books, graphic T-shirts and Christian learning, why not bring it all under one umbrella.  So we did, but it wasn't easy.  There was a lot of personal loss we went through. Homegoings of dear matriarchal and patriarchal family members, loss of friendships, and financial woes of economic downturns.  But in the end, it all becomes a beacon pointing the way to scripture, helping you understand that it was time to apply all the lessons learned.  The guiding and comfort of the Holy Spirit was there at every blind alley, cross-road, and four-way stoppage of life.  And the journey continues...

We Praise God for His Son, and thank Him for the chance to bless others.

Always in His Service,

Bro. Troy

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