"To Thine OWNSELF Be True"

                         Lil' Fish - Our CXI Mascot

=== Christ eXalted Inside === 

For the past 9 years, CXI has been developing and crafting a unique approach to Christian Electronica and CCM music. 

=== The Ministry === 

"A primary focus was placed on the words of each piece to embody a concept that was expressed once as...'There is no such thing as ‘Christian’ music; there are only Christian lyrics.' by Pastor Rick Warren author of the The Purpose Driven Life. Every style of music is potentially a Christian song.  But after reading the liner-notes of a song, if how it was inspired is still obscure, no matter what the notes are doing, if it harbors too many humanistic aspects in its verse and chorus, or if you can't tell what part of scripture it came from...how is it Christian Music? I want to be the kind of Electronic artist that does something different that can answer that question.” - CXI Spring 2006 - interview IZRI Media Productions.  The music that CXI explores, knows no bounds. 

=== The Music === 

In CXI’s “Electrinity”, memorable melodies and remarkable interludes swirl about, without losing its thundering, edgy beats or a healthy sense of fun by not taking itself seriously.  Jesus and his words are the typical focus in a CXI song, yet “No More Frozen Dreams” touches upon the idea of casting off Fear for Faith and anticipating glorification in heaven. Although wearing so many hats was an exciting and exhausting process for Troy, he feels inspired more than ever.  In 2007, Troy completed several singles and put the final touches on his sophomore and junior albums, “The Missing Connection” which boasts a more mature sound and eclectic mix and "Living for Jesus" a genre mixed album with some R&B takes on familiar hymns. 

=== The Man === 

CXI is an Electronica/Jazz/R&B group created by Troy Goss who does the Composing, writing, producing, engineering, arranging and performing of all the songs on his albums and co-creates/performs in studio with his wife.  Driven by a godly desire to share the Good News in fresh and inspiring ways, the biblical concepts in each song are clear.  Not content to just shoulder the responsibility of what’s on the inside, he also creates and engineers his designs into his own CD covers, T-shirts & apparel, board & video games, and books.  “When you do it the indie-artist way, there’s a lot you just have to do yourself, because that’s all you’ve got and God’s grace is sufficient to make miracles happen - and they do.”


= = = The Mission = = =

We created IZRI Media Productions as a means of crafting the direction for this idea generation, with the hope of being able to sustain a business model while dedicatedly blessing others, and also assisting like minded individuals with achieve their creative dreams.  Izri was a musician, the son of a Chief musician Jeduthun a harp player.  That's one of the meanings of IZRI in Hebrew, "creative"  (1 Chronicles 25 KJV).  Izri was a musician and like myself, he too was the son of a musician.  The cartoon at the top speaks volumes, I really, literally could not have accomplished all of this without ‘my better everything’, loving, beautiful wife Fay -  who not only stuck with a man who has long-range visions but gave me equal parts inspiration and prodding as needed.  Her partnership in IZRI is felt and seen in what we do and how we do things around here.  In fact, she's the one who came up with the name.

Photo Credit: Cecilia Lumpkin

IZRI President's Promise - by IZRI Media President, Troy Goss

Simply put, IZRI MEDIA Productions is a small creative design organization seeking to develop unique media products that will spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in God-inspired ways.  Our variety of products are aimed to be family friendly.  5% or more of the proceeds we receive per product are to be purposed to benefit a charity or non-profit organization...on ALL of our products.  We feel conspicuous giving is way to inspire others to donate.  Giving is not just nice PR, it's morally obligated to us by the widow's mite of Mark 12:41-44 making certain that what IZRI gets it gives, like a muscle reflex (the heart muscle).  What would it be like, if every business that made a profit, first paid its debt to laborers and also directly benefited some charitable cause - then benevolent capitalism could exist, with the right heart choices.  I know this is not an all inclusive solution, but here at IZRI we believe in making a start, and building success into the project from the beginning.

Always in HIS Service,

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